Water kefir is a simple and inexpensive probiotic beverage. It is so simple to make that it is a great beginner’s approach to home fermentation projects. To make water kefir, you will need water kefir grains. Once you have acquired your water kefir grains, the process is simple:

  • Make a solution of sugar water of about 1/4 cup sugar in one quart of water.

  • Allow the sugar to dissolve. (You might use warm water to do so but allow the water to cool before proceeding to the next step.
  • Add kefir grains to your sugar water solution. A couple of teaspoons of water kefir grains is plenty (more will be fine too).
  • Allow the sugar water and water kefir grains to sit for one to two days.
  • Strain off the water kefir grains from the sugar water.
  • Add a juice or infusion (one cup, give or take, will do) and let it sit until the mixture tastes great. It might be too sweet at first. If so, let it sit until the sugar flavor lessens. It may take as long as a week.
  • Begin the process again with your water kefir grains.


Water Kefir Recipe Ideas
Fermented Nettle Infusion With Water Kefir

In the spring if you have access to fresh nettles (or even if you buy them dry throughout the year), you must try this concoction. It is a simple combination of two processes: Nettle tea and water kefir. The idea behind the tea is boosting an already-super food (nettle) with a super food process (fermentation)....[more]

Water Kefir Tools
Canning Jar for Water Kefir

Canning jars are the least inexpensive container to use in making water kefir. For most purposes, a quart-size canning jar will be perfect for the first stage of making water kefir: inoculating the sugar water with beneficial bacteria. If you are making small batches, a quart jar may be adequate in the second stage as...[more]

Plastic Strainer for Water Kefir

A plastic strainer is a handy tool for water kefir if you allow your grains to stay loose in a jar as they culture your water. You may use a muslin bag for your grains in which case a strainer is not necessary. As you pour your sugar water from your first step in the...[more]

Small Crocks for Water Kefir Fruit Compote

I always look at the price of old pickle crocks when I’m in antique stores and yard sales. A large antique pickle crock in good condition sells for about $75 in Central California. They are probably over $100 in other parts of the state. One problem with a 5 gallon crock is that it is...[more]